webcamincome FAQs


  • Question: How do I become an adult webcam model performer with F Marketing Limited?

    If you are positively communicative and flirtatious then you must be well able to perform as a webcam models on several of our webcam sites.  We are always seeking the best webcam model performers!  Our goal is and always will be to make you more money by ensuring your attitude is good, your demeanour positive and you are trained and sure of what you are doing.

    The best part of working with us is the flexibility.  If you are just sitting around using your computer why not stay logged in so that you can pick up some extra money whenever someone happens to enter your room.  We're totally flexible and there's no set schedule you have to work. We highly suggest a minimum of 15 hours to be effective.

  • Question: How do i Sign Up?

    You can signup here

  • Question: Which Countries can I work from?

    Any countries that are LEGAL to work from is good for us, and you can start.

  • Question: What are legalities of working online?

    You must be of LEGAL AGE for that country your are working from. Read

    You must be able to LEGALLY work "from" that Country or State.

  • Question: How Often should I work?

    We suggest 15 hours per week minimum. 25 hours -30 hours is best.

  • Question: Is there Good Money in this?

    Yes if you do the hours and keep a friendly, sexy disposition then you can make great income.

  • Question: How much Income?

    Consistent performers make over $1000 per week, and if you aim for $100,000 annually then it is possible.

  • Question: Is it that easy?

    It can be that easy. Stay committed to the plan and keep on with it and see the rewards!

  • Question: What ID do I need to provide?

    You will need:

    Photo ID and you will need to sign and submit each form provided in the signup section of the actual webcam sites.

  • Question: What system and software specifications do I need to become a webcam model?

    We suggest a Logitech Webcam. They have microhones built in. You will also need to run a PC that is newer than 2007. The latest in Windows or Mozilla Firefox software is also important. You certainly do need "High Speed" internet.

  • Question: What payment methods are available for webcam models?

    All models must submit their bank details so that we can transfer their payment electronically, fortnightly.

  • Question: Do you have specific rules that if broken can get me in trouble?

    A few common courtesy rules are important. You can not abuse customers. You can not use drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, talk on the phone. You can not engage in beastiality, incest, peodophilia, extcretion, or torture.

  • Question: How do I make money and how much can I earn?

    You earn between 50-60% of the amount billed to customers.  You choose your rate per minute and we guide you upon this. You are also able to sell photos and video from your profile.

  • Question: I am a new model, will your train me?

    We are always available to offer guidance and support. We have managers to assist every model.

  • Question: Pay Periods?

    We pay fortnightly and deposit electronically into your account.

  • Question: Is the ID information I submit to your company kept Private?

    All information you send to us is stored securely and privately. Your information will never be used for anything other than the initial setup of your accounts accounts, and we ensure every one of those sites has a strict policy regarding confidential information and that those policies are stringently adhered to.

  • Question: Can clients find out where I am located?

    Absolutely not. All models are anonymous. We also suggest you do not give out any personal information whatsoever. Your information remains confidential and private. It is against our policy for any model to give out any personal information whatsover. Doing so could get your account suspended immediately. We have these type of policies in place for your protection.