• As the internet has grown, so has the need for people all over the world to communicate with the latest technology. Online video technology has seen enormous advances in the last 5 years. Chat rooms are common place within business and organisations, and obviously webcam modelling has become an extremely profitable business for those involved.


    Streaming video is not video that is played from a camcorder or a tv, but its video that is acutally streamed across a network and straight down to your pc using the latest technologies. It is truly a new technology that has taken the internet by storm. Now you can have clients download your video or images as they are created, hence they can see beautiful models perform their live shows in real time. Online video and streaming video is a rapidly growing business that allows movies or video of any length to be delivered directly to your home across the internet. Video plays an important role in our daily lives, just as we view the world around us in real time, we can now view images, advertising, movies and entertainment in real time directly from the internet the moment its broadcast.


    The adult industry provides us with video and pictures for our sexual arousal, but it also no allows us to share time with models or online girlfriends of our choice. We can share intimacy and sensual pleasurea live and anytime we wish. This is extremely satsifying for people with limited time and availability to meet socially, and it also gives us the freedom for fetishes that we may want to keep to ourselves. Live webcams are allowing us to be and feel how we want to be for a very small amount of expenditure.