• There are thousands of webcam models on the internet. Some of them make huge incomes which allows them to make over $100,000 per year working from home. The big difference about these models is that they are highly motivated to succeed. They have an ability to motivate themselves each day, and they take care of the simple things such as putting on their makeup, styling their hair and sitting in front of the camera each day for between 4 to 6 hours. They maintain a happy face and keep their composure when chatting with clients. This is the main difference that determines a top model.


    A working week usually runs around 30 hours per week. Some models can make $1000 per week in 20 hours, others can make $2000 in 30 hours. Because the sites are global a model can perform at anytime over a 24 hour period. She will experience different clients from all over the world in many different time zones. It is a good idea to experiment with times and different zones to understand which ones work better. On different days, different time zones can be far better than others. Nothing remains the same so models should always be experimenting and trying new options.


    It is a good idea to watch another webcam model perform to see how she interacts and what she does. When you watch a successful model at work you will see her professional nature and great temperament, and her ability to attract. Being able to speak English is a huge advantage as most of our clients will be English speakers.


    You will need to have the correct quality of equipment including a good microphone so that you can understand clients more easily. Remember you are a performer so if you act in a sexy manner and you talk in a sexy manner, you will attract more clients and more income. Try to call a client by his screen name and also his real name. Don't be afraid to ask for a real name. The client will then feel special. This is a great way to get a client into a private chat.


    Please make sure that your room is well presented. Bright colours are a great idea as well as adequate lighting. If your room is too dark they can't see you, and if your room is too bright they may not be able to see you either because of the reflection. Try to use electric lighting as much as possible even if the sun is shining. As well as having your room bright, we suggest bright and sexy clothing. Too much black or too much white is not great for attraction. Colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, or orange will express the light and colour adequately. Wear lingerie but keep it simple and don't over do it. Bra and panties are always the best method, or even swimwear.


    If you make clients feel welcome and you have a happy smiling face, then you have far greater opportunity. Many of your clients will not have girlfriends and they are trying to have fun and to relieve the pressures of society. Also remember you can not be nude on a free chat, so encouraging to enter private chat is your objective. This means you earn money and the client has more anticipation.


    To make money as a webcam model you will then need to:

    1. 1. On the footer of the site click on ‘Register as a Model’ and enter in your details.
    2. 2. The site will then send you a confirmation email. Please check your junk mail or spam box for this confirmation.
    3. 3. Please forward your confirmation email to ‘admin@fmarketinglimited.net’ so that we can then authorise your profile after you have uploaded your documents and ID in points 7-10.
    4. 4. After you have confirmed your registration you can then log into your profile and add or change any other information.
    5. 5. You can click on ‘Payment Info’ and add your bank details in for us to be able to pay you fortnightly.
    6. 6. You can click on ‘Edit Profile’ and then change your photo to add any new images.
    7. 7. On the ‘Signup Page’ there will either be a link called  ‘Instructions’. The link says ‘3 documents here’. Click on this link and download the 3 documents. Or the 3 documents will be there to download anyway. In either case just download the 3 documents.
    8. 8. Print off the documents, sign them, scan them, and upload them. Please upload these documents individually, ie. Image Release into the ‘Image Release’ folder, Model Agreement to the ‘Model Agreement’ folder and Broadcaster Terms into the ‘Broadcaster Terms’ folder.
    9. 9. After the 3 documents have been uploaded the system will permit you to go to ‘Upload Photo ID’. This must be a Photo ID of you personally. This information is not shared with the public. It is legally required to verify that you are over 18. 
    10. 10. After your Photo ID has been uploaded the system will then allow you to go to ‘Take Snapshot’. Click on ‘Take Snapshot. If this page then asks you to allow please click on ‘Allow’ as this will activate your camera. You then click on the ‘Take Snapshot’ button below the screen and it will take a photo of you. If you need to retake the photo click on the same button which now reads ‘Retake Snap’. Please remember to then click ‘Save Snapshot’.
    11. 11. Please email us again ‘admin@fmarketinglimited.net’ and inform us that you have completed steps 7-10.
    12. 12. Be able to speak in English.
    13. 13. Have fun on the webcams and the money will flow.
    14. 14. Always use toys and props where you can. Have costumes close by, and try not to make clients wait.
    15. 15. Use your online roster and let clients know when you will be away, and when you will return, and be reliable.
    16. 16. Remember to use their nicknames, and also their personal names, to remain friendly and impress them.
    17. 17. Look presentable at all times. Shoddy appearance brings poor income. Hair, makeup, clothing all must be impressive.
    18. 18. Share your attention around. Do not stay focused on 1 client only in the chat rooms. Often the silent client will be the one who wants you in a private chat.
    19. 19. Keep your microphone on because it is easier to chat with several clients rather than typing constantly.
    20. 20. Remember to use bright happy colours in your room and on your body. Avoid black and white where possible.